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Microsoft reveals Xbox app for Windows 10 with Game DVR

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Microsoft is bringing at least part of the Xbox experience to Windows 10. Xbox gaming chief Phil Spencer, conspicuously wearing a Battletoads t-shirt, has taken the stage to show off the Xbox app. So far it looks like a more complete version of Microsoft's SmartGlass app, allowing you to view your games collection and chat with people on Xbox Live.

Game DVR seems to be the most expansive feature here. You can view, comment on, and share clips through the Xbox app. For "any Windows game," even older titles played through Steam, you can save gameplay clips with using the Windows + G command (the example used here is Civilization: Beyond Earth), reportedly including the last 30 seconds.

In related news, Microsoft today also unveiled Xbox One streaming to any Windows 10 device so you can play Forza from a Surface tablet.

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