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Amazon will let everyone watch Transparent for 24 hours this Saturday

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And you'll be able to buy Prime for only $72

Transparent is putting Amazon on the map for original programming in a bigger way than any of the company's other shows have. And there are awards to prove it. Jill Soloway's series earned two Golden Globes earlier this month. One was for best television comedy or musical; Amazon knocked off Netflix's Orange is the New Black to win that one. The other went to series lead Jeffrey Tambor, who has received universal praise for his performance in the show's first season. And on Saturday, Amazon will use all of that buzz to sell a whole ton of new Prime subscriptions. The company will make Transparent's entire first season free to stream for all customers, not just those paying yearly for Prime.

Amazon says those Golden Globe victories have caused viewership for Transparent to rocket up by 250 percent. But for one day, it's giving even more people a chance to see the show's 10-episode first season. And if non-subscribers decide they like it — and they almost definitely will — Amazon also hopes they'll decide to purchase Prime for a promotional price of $72. That's a pretty attractive offer compared to the everyday price of $99, so Amazon could be in for a pretty big Saturday.