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Watch the first trailer for the Dead Rising movie

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Heading to Crackle March 27th

Here it is, your first look at Dead Rising: Watchtower, the film adaptation of Capcom's popular zombie video game series coming to Crackle on March 27th. If this preview is any indication, the movie will be chockfull of nods to its origin, from makeshift weapons to psychopathic clowns. As best as we can tell, the story centers with a new outbreak possibly related to Zombrex, a medicine used to slow or halt the zombification process. There's no subtlety here, this is full-on fan service: In one scene, we noticed a large teddy bear in the background (which is used to make weapons in the games) and an Xbox One controller in the foreground.

Rob Riggle appears as Frank West, the first Dead Rising's protagonist, but framed as a "zombie expert" on a low-class TV news show — no killing whatsoever. Let's hope that isn't the case in the final film: if Dead Rising: Watchtower was made with fans in mind (which seems to be entirely the case), there's no reason to hold back.