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Leatherman is making the best charm bracelet ever, out of screwdrivers

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One of the oldest things I still own, an early gift from my parents, is a blue Leatherman Mini-Tool. Growing up, I used it constantly for a strange mix of projects: taking apart simple gadgets, measuring fabric for sewing, and peeling (technically) edible bark off trees to practice wilderness survival, among other things. But I also always pined for a much more traditional pre-teen luxury: a charm bracelet. These weren't as different as they seem; they were cute, shiny, modular windows into the world of adulthood. But apparently, if I'd grown up a decade or two later, I could have had both at the same time.

Leatherman Tread

Leatherman can talk all it wants about how the Tread started as a bike chain, or a way to make something that would get through airport security. That thing is a charm bracelet. It's got a bunch of little custom pieces that you fit together on your wrist, except that instead of hearts and flags and peace symbols, you've got screwdrivers, bottle openers, a "carbide glass breaker," and a watch attachment. For all I know, it works as brass knuckles too. If Leatherman had released it while I was a teenager, instead of making us wait for this summer, I'd have been trying to scrounge up enough pieces to turn it from a wristband into a choker. Maybe both! Either way, my screwdriving and glass-breaking skills would have been fashionable and unstoppable.