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Sony Pictures expects to have some critical systems back online in early February

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Cyberattack probably won't have 'material' impact on earnings

Sony has announced that it's applying for an extension of the deadline to submit its third-quarter securities report "due to the amount of destruction and disruption that occurred" following the massive cyberattack directed against its movie division. Sony Pictures shut down its network in response to the hack, but most of the financial systems and "many other critical information technology applications" won't be back online until early February. The Wall Street Journal reported at the end of December that the Sony Pictures network would be "fully operating again within eight weeks" if the company's systems stayed secure.

As such, the third-quarter earnings report will miss its originally scheduled date of February 4th. Sony will still release guidance and hold conferences on that date, so we should get some idea of how it performed during the important holiday quarter. The company doesn't believe the hack will make much difference to the bottom line, however. "While Sony continues to evaluate the impact of the cyberattack on its financial results," it says in a statement, "it currently believes that such impact is not material."