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This Ghostface Killah video reimagines a 1970s noir with aliens and ray guns

This Ghostface Killah video reimagines a 1970s noir with aliens and ray guns


The Wu Tang member's collaboration with BadBadNotGood drops February 17th

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Next month, thick-tongued Wu Tang member Ghostface Killah and Toronto alt-funk trio BadBadNotGood will release their collaborative LP, Sour Soul. It's an unlikely pairing, but the tracks they've released so far — like the crunchy boom-bap single "Gunshowers" — show an exciting inclination for future-swiped '70s funk. They take that inclination even further in the above video for the MF Doom-featuring "Ray Gun," which recruits Odd Future rapper Left Brain as its star.

Neon-lit strip clubs, low-riders, and tarot cards

The clip, directed by Rob Schroeder of Lodger Films, is set in a retro-noir city, complete with neon-lit strip clubs, low-riders, tarot cards, gold teeth as currency, and dead-eyed damsels. Left Brain, wearing a mask that looks like a more robotic, less skeletal version MF Doom's, plays "The Mask," a stoic extra-terrestrial with a ray gun and a hero complex.

MF Doom and Ghostface are longtime collaborators and have been teasing a joint project, DoomStarks, for nearly five years now. During a Reddit AMA last year, Ghostface said that album would be here in 2015. Until then, "Ray Gun" is a good reminder that Doom's double-time rhymes are a great foil to Ghostface's staccato flow.

A note to Ariana Grande: this is how you do classic sci-fi exploitation. Sour Soul is due out February 17th on Lex Records.