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Microsoft's latest Windows 10 preview now available with Cortana and Xbox features

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Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Technical Preview build is debuting today. It includes the new Cortana integration, Microsoft’s continuum tablet interface, tweaks to the Start Menu and user interface of Windows 10, and a new Xbox app. Microsoft is also previewing a lot of changes to its Action Center (notification center) with this latest test version, alongside some of the new built-in universal apps like Photos, additional apps like Mail and Maps will be updated in future builds.

For those already enrolled in the preview program it’s a simple update from the Settings app, and there are ISO files available if you wish to install in a virtual machine or as a fresh copy. If you're looking for the new Spartan browser or Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10, both features will come in future builds. As always, this is beta software so there will be bugs, but Microsoft is expecting the usual feedback to help the company tweak Windows 10 going forward. For more information on the changes included in this latest release, see our latest Windows 10 hands-on.

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