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Sony is giving away old games to settle its 2011 PlayStation Network breach

Sony is giving away old games to settle its 2011 PlayStation Network breach


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Are you still feeling bitter about the PlayStation Network outage that left PS3 and PSP owners offline back in 2011? If so, Sony's here to ease your pain. The company has started accepting claims as part of a class action settlement announced last summer.

The bottom line? If you had a US-based PlayStation Network, Qriocity, or Sony Online Entertainment account any time before May 15th, 2011, you stand to score some old games and other goodies. Exactly what you'll get from the settlement depends on a few criteria, like whether your accounts have been inactive since the hack and if you took advantage of the company's "Welcome Back" promotions after service was restored in May 2011.

Also: free themes to ease your pain

Don't worry too much though, none of the options are worth writing home about. The game options include Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Super Stardust HD, God of War HD, and a couple other titles for PS3 and PSP. If those aren't of interest, you could pick up a few free, uh, themes instead, but that would be silly. The best option is three months of PlayStation Plus for free, but unfortunately current members aren't eligible. Bummer.

For Sony, the settlement should finally close the book on one of its most embarrassing episodes. The massive hack not took PlayStation Network offline for nearly a month in the spring of 2011 — it also led to the breach of account information from over 77 million users.

The tentative deadline to submit a claim is August 31st of this year, and you shouldn't expect to get your free game until some time after that date.