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Pay T-Mobile $5 per month to get deep discounts on smartphones

Pay T-Mobile $5 per month to get deep discounts on smartphones

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T-Mobile is announcing its latest "uncarrier" move today. You can now opt to pay $5 a month for exclusive access to discounts when upgrading to new devices. The service is called Score, and some of the deals are pretty appealing.

If you're a Score member for 12 months, you'll unlock deals on top-tier smartphones. The sample deals in today's press release include $150 off the full price of a Nexus 6 or Galaxy Note 4, as well as $100 off a Galaxy S5. Not too shabby of a discount for $60 worth of payments over the course of a year.

More "uncarrier" moves

After just six months, you'll be able to get some entry-level smartphones for free. The carrier mentions the Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2 as an example — it currently sells the device for $80, so paying just $30 for the device over six months isn't such a bad deal.

T-Mobile says it will continually update the deals, so a year from now you'll presumably have a selection of current smartphones to choose from. Nevertheless, you will be at the mercy of the executives who decide which phones get onto the deal list. And if you don't upgrade your device each and every year, those extra $5 charges could add up. If you're interested, Score is available to all T-Mobile customers, whether prepaid or postpaid.