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Watch Ford engineers and designers gush over the incredible new GT

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It'll be many months before we see the new GT on streets, but Ford's new supercar — which was just announced at NAIAS in Detroit — is going to get plenty of screen time leading up to the launch. That's thanks in part to Microsoft, which has partnered with Ford to make the GT its "cover car" for Forza Motorsport 6, the next game in Turn 10 Studios' high-profile racing series.

The closest we'll get to the car for a while

To kick off the run-up to the launches of both the game and the car, Forza has published a video from inside Ford's design center, chatting with some of the designers and engineers involved with the GT project — they sound excited about it, but then again, it'd be hard not to be. We also get a few glances of some finished and unfinished GT bodywork, the digital cockpit, and renderings of the car's unusual frame that's designed for maximum rigidity and minimum weight.

The GT is scheduled for launch next year and Forza 6 doesn't have a date on it yet — so for now, we'll take every little glimpse of this Detroit exotic that we can get.