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Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel get confused by tech in new Super Bowl ad

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Beloved TV anchors Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel have been stumped by consumer technology for the last 21 years. Remember way back in 1994 when the pair expressed how weird the internet was? Wasn't that fun? Fun enough for NBC to fire the guy who posted the video online? Right. Well, BMW had more fun than NBC on that score, and decided to celebrate how far we've come in its new Super Bowl spot for the BMW i3 — and how Couric and Gumbel are still pretty clueless about the future. (Never mind the fact that Couric is now the Global Anchor of Yahoo! News. Media is weird.) All told, the two play their parts like good sports, even if there's no such thing as a windbine. Personally, I'm confused at the idea of Katie Couric twerking to Eddy Grant's "Electric Avenue". I mean, go her, but still.