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Mission Impossible 5 will be released this July

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Mission Impossible 5 just had its release date moved way up. The film will now be coming out this summer, on July 31st, instead of on Christmas Day. The Hollywood Reporter suggests that Paramount may have wanted to shift its release date to move MI5 away from the next James Bond film, which is due out on November 6th, as well as the new Star Wars, which comes out December 18th. MI5 is also an action blockbuster, which is the type of picture that tends to do very well in summer.

The new Mission Impossible is directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who last directed Jack Reacher. Jack Reacher didn't have the greatest critical reception, but McQuarrie has found more success as a writer, being the name behind The Usual Suspects and Edge of Tomorrow. There's not a lot of other detail about the film right now, though all you really need to know is that Tom Cruise is back on board to star.