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AT&T is launching a superhero series on Snapchat

AT&T is launching a superhero series on Snapchat

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AT&T is about to launch a superhero series, but it isn't making yet another movie or TV show: instead, the series will exist on Snapchat. The show is being called SnapperHero, and it'll consist of 12 episodes that all disappear within 24 hours, according to Variety. AT&T is ostensibly trying to reach the droves of teens that have fallen in love with Snapchat, and doing so means experimenting with what's possible on the new platform. Scripted video series aren't brand new to Snapchat, but they're far from a common use. AT&T's hope is that the short-lived nature of Snapchat videos will make people feel compelled to watch them, rather than planning to stream them at a later date and then never doing so.

Fans will determine what happens on the show

AT&T is really going all out to reach the teens. It's grabbing YouTube and Vine stars — including names from Video Game High School and Epic Meal Time — to act in the show, and those stars will also ask their audiences what they want to see from the series. AT&T says that fan input will be used to determine "superhero identities, enemies, costumes, origin stories, and plot lines." Its hope is that by the time those fans have given their input and the show is produced, there'll be enough of a built-in audience to kick things off. They'll all have to head to the Snapchat account @SnapperHero to watch it (meaning that this won't live inside of Snapchat's new Discover area).

This is certainly a strange experiment for AT&T, but it's tried similar ways of reaching out to teens before. Over the past two years, it's also worked on a YouTube series called @SummerBreak, which is about a group of high-schoolers' relationships over the course of a summer. The show has received over 60 million views. Naturally, it's also a big ad for AT&T that shows how AT&T phones help the kids keep in touch. Presumably, AT&T will do something similar for SnapperHero. So don't expect to see any communication superpowers — AT&T will probably just hook the heroes up.