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Renault's Alpine Vision GT is an outrageous race car for Gran Turismo and real life

Polyphony Digital's ongoing Vision Gran Turismo program — a partnership with real automakers to create concept cars for the Gran Turismo video game series — soldiers on. And Renault may have just made the most amazing Vision GT car yet.

Take one look at the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo and you can guess that it's a pure concept car through and through, but there's something more to this one: Renault is bringing the racing-focused Alpine brand back into production next year. It's a stretch to call this car a precursor to a production model, but it's also possible that there are design cues here that could find their way into some future Alpine models.

The Alpine Vision GT came out of an internal competition among 15 designs, and Renault actually decided to build one — there's a real model in Paris right now. It's got a 450-horsepower V8 engine, which may not sound like a lot until you consider that the whole thing weighs under 2,000 pounds, which is feather-light for a modern car.

Don't expect this to ever be in a dealership, but PS3 owners will be able to download it into Gran Turismo 6 starting in March.


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