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'Please don't bring drones to the Super Bowl,' says FAA in dystopian PSA

'Please don't bring drones to the Super Bowl,' says FAA in dystopian PSA


In the future, only the finest rhyming PSAs will survive

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The FAA has produced a YouTube video encouraging attendees of the Super Bowl to "leave your drone at home." The video, titled "No Drone Zone," resembles other public service announcements, using stock photos like many anti-smoking ads and a diabolical head rhyme like "Don't Copy That Floppy."

I've heard of end zones, but drone zones? What a country!

While it's encouraging to see the FAA being proactive about drones, which can fall out of the sky anywhere — from your backyard to the White House — a better method for protecting citizens from the misuse of drones would be proper policy. Until then, we're left with these short videos that, five years ago, would have scanned as fake PSAs from alternate reality sci-fi films. When people ask when we'll live in the future, show them this video. Nothing is more futuristic than a boring government video kindly asking the public to refrain from bringing smart flying robots that could be used to bring unspeakable horror to the most televised event in the country.

For your enjoyment, here's another FAA video I can't believe is real.