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Fitness app RunKeeper integrates Spotify to stream music for your workouts

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But it's iOS-only for now

Spotify is continuing its push for ubiquity. A day after Sony confirmed it had killed its Music Unlimited service and inked a deal with the Swedish company to bring the music streaming service to PlayStation and Xperia smartphones, RunKeeper has announced Spotify integration for the iOS version of its fitness app.

Users need Spotify premium subscriptions

RunKeeper's latest 5.2 update, released a few days ago on the App Store, means users with Spotify Premium subscriptions can sign in to their accounts and play music through the fitness app. To access the streaming service through RunKeeper you'll need to download both it and Spotify, before following RunKeeper's steps for connecting the two apps together. Once set up, users can access their own self-made playlists, or rely on Spotify's existing list of workout playlists to keep themselves motivated while out exercising.

For now, this Spotify integration only works with RunKeeper's iOS app, but a spokesperson for the company said that this was only the first phase of the work the two companies planned to do together. RunKeeper says it's exploring Android integration as a part of its next phase.