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Internal email: We need to change our official photos immediately

Internal email: We need to change our official photos immediately


Must love dogs

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It's come to my attention that official staff photos haven't been taken since the founding of The Verge dot com. I understand how something like staff photos can be bumped further and further down our corporate to do list. We're a growing company, and our time is often better served crashing drones and using electric skateboards in nefarious ways. That said, I do believe the moment has come again for staff photos to be taken — and taken seriously. Fortunately, I have found a model from which we can base these photos.

You may have seen this official photograph of astronaut and dog lover Leland D. Melvin. An inspirational figure for us all, Leland spent much of his career with NASA traveling across the country, teaching citizens of this great nation about science, mathematics, technology, and space. As professionals who pursue knowledge and truth, we should aspire to such a life. We should also aspire to having our official photos taken with two very happy dogs that love to give kisses, as Melvin did in the photo above.

Look at this man. He is loved: by the institution that he served; by the population that he educated; by the dogs, that get all the kisses because they're so good, good dog, good wittle pups.

What I'm trying to say is this could be us but you playing.

Love you forever,