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Tesla will make the absurdly fast P85D even faster with a software update

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Tesla's Model S P85D is already a wolf in sheep's clothing — a sedan with a 0-60 time bordering on supercar territory — and CEO Elon Musk says they're going to make it even crazier.

It's basically unprecedented for a car's stats to meaningfully improve with an over-the-air update just like the one you get on your phone. Most manufacturers don't yet support comprehensive firmware updates over a cellular connection, but Tesla's been doing it with the Model S for quite some time — it's a lot easier than dragging it into a dealership, obviously. A software update for your Galaxy or iPhone that improves performance is one thing, but a software update that lets you smoke more fools on the drag strip is quite another.

As a refresher, here's our own Josh Lowensohn getting a hellride in the passenger seat of a P85D late last year: