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Samsung is about to launch 'the most seductive TV of all time' at CES

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Samsung has weird ideas about sex

Samsung is pulling absolutely no punches in hyping up its CES product lineup this year, but this is a level of bravado that exceeds even the typically wild levels the company is known for. Look beyond the incredibly awkward S'UHD TV branding (which probably stands for Samsung Ultra HD) — the real news here is that Samsung believes it has literally made the "most seductive TV of all time." Features and specs are clearly secondary to this tease — Samsung wants to get our attention with the pure sex factor of a giant, curved 4K TV. We're still more than two days away from the official start of CES, but few things sum up the event more than this.

CES Floor Shots

As for the actual product, there are a few things to learn here. Samsung has already revealed that all of its smart TVs going forward are going to run on its Tizen operating system, and that's one of the lead details here. Aside from Tizen and a curved 4K display, there's not much else to go on just yet — but we're less than two days away from Samsung's CES press conference where we'll get the sexy scoop for ourselves.

CES Floor Shots

For those keeping score at home, these are the 10 previous sexiest TVs of all time:

  • Pioneer Kuro PRO-101FD Signature Elite
  • Sony KDL-55XBR8
  • Panasonic TC-P65VT60
  • Sony Bravia XBR-HX929
  • Samsung PN64F8500
  • Sony Trinitron KV-1210U
  • Sony KV XJ29M50
  • Mitsubishi L75-A96 LaserVue
  • Samsung HLP-85W
  • Sony Qualia 006

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