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Mophie might have made this year's best Super Bowl ad

Mophie might have made this year's best Super Bowl ad

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The Super Bowl is still two days away, but between Budweiser's attempts to tug on your heartstrings to sell beer, and Kim Kardashian's selfie-centrc self-parody for T-Mobile, we've already seen a number of the big budget ads that will air during the big game's commercial breaks. But it's not just the biggest brands that get to show off their most creative ads during the biggest game, as phone case maker Mophie shows.

Mophie makes cases capable of charging your smartphone, and its surprisingly good Super Bowl ad shows the end of the world. Streets flood, blizzard hit deserts, goats stand on donkeys, priests steal flatscreen TVs, and dogs lead people around by the leash. With the Earth's atmosphere leaking into space, the camera cuts to an omnipotent God, unable to fix the planet's problems because his phone has run out of battery. If only the creator of the universe had a Mophie case, the ad suggests, we could avoid armageddon.