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Secret co-founder leaves company one month after its relaunch

Secret co-founder leaves company one month after its relaunch

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A month after Secret relaunched its anonymous social network with a bigger emphasis on cleaner design, chat, and one-on-one messaging, one of its co-founders is departing the company. In a note to his team (posted to Medium), Chrys Bader explained that "the next chapter of Secret is beginning in a way that will be less about the kind of creation and design that I love."

So it hasn't taken long after Secret 2.0 for Bader to realize the time to walk away is now. "It’s time for me to step down, let the team do what they do best, and focus on what I do best," he said. But despite his leaving, Bader still seems very proud of — in his words — meeting Secret's original goal. He and David Byttow set out to build "a new platform that allows people to be their most authentic selves," wrote Bader. "I think we did exactly that."

Secret is now "less about the kind of creation and design" that Bader loves

Bader also expressed confidence in his colleagues, pointing to the "incredible team" that has steered Secret to where it is now. But the bottom line is that not long after Secret's major overhaul, a co-founder is already bailing on the whole thing. And that's perhaps surprising, as "the next chapter" of Secret, as Bader refers to it, is in many ways a better, more thoughtful execution of what he and David Byttow originally conceived. He seemed particularly proud of the revamped Secret only a month ago. "Secret should be like a movie," Bader told The Verge. "There are sad parts, stressful parts, happy parts. It’s got the full gamut of emotions." As Secret again tries to ascend the App Store charts, Bader apparently now feels his own part is now complete.