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Snapchat's new original series is called Literally Can't Even

Snapchat's new original series is called Literally Can't Even


The show stars Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn

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Snapchat will premiere its first original scripted series tomorrow, The Hollywood Reporter reports. The show, Literally Can't Even, will star Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn.

Spielberg and Goldwyn, daughters of Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn, also wrote the series, which is basically about their own lives: They play friends and writing partners who go through breakups, juice cleanses, and other Los Angeles-esque trials of young adulthood.

Just what we need: Los Angeles misadventures

Literally Can't Even will be hosted on Snap Channel, part of Snapchat's new ad-supported Discover service, which launched last week. The episodes will only be a few minutes long, and, in keeping with Snapchat's blink-or-you'll-miss-it style, each episode will disappear 24 hours after it airs. The AT&T-created superhero series for Snapchat was given the same one-day time frame.

By creating content in-house, Snapchat is making moves to compete with companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Literally Can't Even might not be the next Transparent, but it's a step.

Literally Can't Even premieres January 31st. Then, on February 1st, it will disappear.