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Price Check: wireless headphones, a cheap camera bag, and a discount on Madden

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Welcome to Price Check, our weekly post dedicated to sorting through all the new products and deals that we find. We also get a ton of gadgets sent to our office, so consider this the best place for us to tell you about them and where you can find them — sometimes even for cheap.

  1. Samsung Level Over Bluetooth Headphones at Amazon ($228)

    In the middle of last year, Samsung announced a whole series of audio products that took square aim at Beats' share of the market. The best of the bunch might have been these Samsung Level Over headphones. Our Chris Ziegler actually said he preferred Samsung's noise reduction over that of his daily-use set, the Beats Studio Wireless. When we pitted the leading wireless cans against each other, however, Dan Seifert wasn't so hot on the Level Overs. Either way, Amazon has cut 35 percent off the retail price — a pretty big deal for these pricey headphones.

  2. Xbox Live 12-month Gold Membership at Amazon ($39)

    So much of our entertainment comes in subscription form now that sometimes it's hard to keep track of everything. Maybe you somehow lapsed on your Xbox Live account and need to renew, or maybe you decided to switch over after years of loyalty to Sony or Nintendo. Regardless of the reason, you can get 12 months of online action for $20 off at Amazon.

  3. Madden NFL 15 at Target ($39)

    Every year Electronic Arts puts out a new Madden NFL game, and every year it gets better. Another thing always stays the same, too — the price. The price does always drop if you exercise enough patience, though. Lo and behold with just days to spare before the big game, Target can save you $20.

  4. Crumpler Haven Camera Bag at B&H ($19)

    Phone cameras get better every year, but a lot of us still believe in the power that comes from carrying around something that's a little more substantial. And if you were willing to spend the money to always have something like a Fuji X100T or an entry-level DSLR at the ready, spending another $20 to protect it should be an easy choice. Crumpler makes great camera bags both big and small, but they don't always come cheap like this.

  5. Omaker Brilliant portable battery at Amazon ($29)

    You can never have enough power available. We shouldn't have to rely on repeating mantras like "always be charging" just to make sure our devices always have enough power. The great thing is that portable power has become a really affordable option, and at the same time the power sources keep getting smaller and smaller. Omaker makes some great portable power devices, and this one comes with two ports and a built-in flashlight — all great options in case your main power goes out.


  • Developer Yuri Victor