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Project Tango, Google's all-seeing tablet experiment, will live on

Project Tango, Google's all-seeing tablet experiment, will live on

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Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group (ATAP for short) are the weird masterminds behind such experimental hardware ventures like the modular smartphone Project Ara and the 3D-sensing Project Tango devices. But while Google ATAP is doing pretty wild stuff with its projects, it also has some strict constraints around the project — teams usually have a limited time frame to put something compelling together and hit milestones, at which point a project is either scrapped or moves on to be part of Google.

Today, the ATAP team shared a bit of news about Project Tango's ultimate fate — the project is being moved out of ATAP and into Google proper, though who will have ultimate ownership of it remains to be seen. But Google will keep on iterating and building the devices it equipped with a crazy array of cameras that help it see the world in 3D. This isn't a huge surprise — the company said that Project Tango devices would come to consumers in 2015 back at Google I/O last year. Still, it's a small but important milestone on the road to being an actual shipping product.

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