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Aziz Ansari brings his newest stand-up special exclusively to Netflix

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Live at Madison Square Garden will launch Friday, March 6th

JP Yim/Getty Images

Comedian and Parks & Rec star Aziz Ansari will join forces with Netflix to release his newest comedy special, Variety reportsAziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden will be available exclusively on Netflix beginning March 6th.

Available March 6th

This isn't the first time Ansari has teamed up with Netflix. His 2013 special Buried Alive debuted with the streaming service, but was later available as a $5 download (something Louie C.K. knows a thing or two about). According to Variety, Live at Madison Square Garden tackles topics like gender inequality and the food industry.  The 50 Cent grapefruit joke is dead.

Netflix's current comedy selection is pretty stacked. Right now, you can stream stand-up specials from the likes of Mike Birbiglia, Jim Gaffigan, Reggie Watts, Marc Maron, and Louie C.K., so Ansari will be in good company. He'll also be in company with himself: Buried Alive is still available on Netflix worldwide, while two of Ansari's earlier specials, Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening and Dangerously Delicious, are available in select countries.