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Gorillaz announces its return with new artwork on Instagram

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Everyone's favorite cartoon band is getting back together. Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett excited fans on Thursday when he posted new artwork of band members Murdoc and Noodle on Instagram. Hewlett later confirmed that the band was getting back together with a simple reply to one of the Instagram posts: "Yes, Gorillaz returns."


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There has yet to be an official announcement, but it's expected that the band — together with Gorillaz co-creator Damon Albarn — will release a new album sometime this year. Its fifth album, The Fall, came out in 2011. Following that release, the band went on hiatus, though disagreements between Albarn and Hewlett are said to have begun during work on 2009's Plastic Beach. In the past couple of years, Albarn has hinted in interviews that the two could reunite Gorillaz, and with the new artwork from Hewlett, it's safe to say that the two have settled their differences.


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