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Seagate Seven is the world’s thinnest and most beautiful portable hard disk

Company celebrates 35 years with a modern take on the mechanical drive

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At just 7mm thick, Seagate calls its new Seven the slimmest 500GB USB 3.0 hard disk drive available. That’s thinner than an iPhone 6 Plus, only with physical platters spinning at incredible speed inside of an all-steel chassis that hints at the mechanics within. The HDD is being launched to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Seagate introducing the world's first mass produced 5.25-inch hard disk for PCs.

Other than Seagate telling us it’s based upon the 5-mm Angsana drive, the company isn’t giving us much in the way of detail. But that’s ok, this disk isn’t about performance, it’s a message to the world that says, WE ARE SEAGATE now step aside, son. Look for the Seagate Seven to be widely available starting mid- to late-January for $99.99.

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