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We're Vergecasting every day from our booth at CES 2015

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Here we go again

CES 2015 is upon us, and that means we'll be recording new episodes of The Vergecast every day. We're doing something different this year, though: instead of streaming the show live, we'll be premiering new episodes of Detours at The Verge lounge on the show floor and taping a Vergecast right afterwards in front of an audience.

So if you're at CES and want to hang with us live, come to our lounge right next to the Sony booth at the following times — and if you're not at CES, tune in to The Verge or your favorite podcast app, and you'll be right there with us.


Big events: Sony, Qualcomm, Samsung, LG, Mercedes keynotes

Taping live at the Verge booth at 6:30PM PT or immediately following the Sony keynote

Show posting at 10:30PM PT


Big events: Audi, Intel keynotes, show floor officially opens, news goes crazy

Taping live at the Verge booth at 4:00PM with a special guest

Show posting at 9:00PM PT


Big events: Things start getting weird

Taping live at the Verge booth at 4:00PM

Show posting at 9:00PM PT

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