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The Parrot Pot and H2O are gadgets to stop me from killing all my plants

The Parrot Pot and H2O are gadgets to stop me from killing all my plants


Never forget about your ficus again

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Last year Parrot released the Flower Power, a wireless sensor that monitored the health of your plant and connected to the internet so it could share data and alerts with your mobile device. The one thing it lacked was a way for you to actually act on that information remotely. Today Parrot unveiled two new devices, the Parrot Pot and and H2O, which not only keep track of your plant's vital signs, but allow you to water it with a tap on your smartphone.

Both the new units keep track of the moisture, temperature, and fertilizer in the soil, as well as the amount of sunlight reaching your plant. The H2O is the simpler of the two new units, a bare bones sensor that you stick in the dirt and pairs with your average water bottle. Parrot won't reveal exact pricing or availability for that unit, or the more complex Parrot Pot, only saying to expect them later this year. Both will likely be more expensive than the Flower Power, which retails for $59.99.

Parrot says it has a database of more than 7,000 different plants, from tiny indoor shrubs to large outdoor plants like lemon trees, and that its sensors tailor their recommendations about heat, light, and water to each species. As my wife will tell you, I've been the death of more than a few fauna. Typically I remember to water them for the first few weeks, then slowly get less regular about it, until she insists I dispose of the brown and withered corpse sitting our our windowsill. I can imagine a world in which I only need to fill the Parrot pot once every few weeks, or even months, then care for my leafy children when I get a push notification.