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This curved iPhone 6 screen protector could save you from Bendgate

Make sure your iPhone bends in the right places

With scattered reports of the iPhone 6 bending under various levels of use, some owners may feel the need to protect their purchases more than before. But what if you don’t want a case? Well, a Korean company called Patchworks claims you can significantly enhance the durability of your phone by adding another layer of glass.

Patchworks is now launching in the US after selling over 1.2 million screen protectors in Japan to become the market leader there, and its newest product is tailor-made to enhance the iPhone 6’s durability. The ITG Edge protector melds a 0.4mm-thick, 11g sheet of “impossible” tempered glass with a bevel of liquid silicon to match the curves of the phone, and the company says it has been shown in stress testing to protect against deformation by nearly 45 percent.

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Unlike traditional film screen protectors, which can hinder the smooth feel of the phone’s glass underneath, Patchworks’ protectors are actually really pleasant to the touch — at least as nice as the actual phone. Most of the company’s products do introduce a seam between the protector and phone, which could be a dealbreaker for some, but the Edge’s silicone mitigates that somewhat. On the black iPhone 6, at least, it doesn’t stand out too much, and it feels just as good to swipe in from the edge.

It’s still unclear exactly what causes the iPhone 6 to bend in many situations, but the ITG Edge could add some peace of mind. It’s set to go on sale in the US this month for $39, or $45 for an iPhone 6 Plus model.


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