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These cameras capture crazy 720-degree videos you can watch on your phone

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Smartphone users are by now used to capturing panoramas on their mobile devices, and even a little familiar with stitching together images to make immersive 360-degree photos. Florida-based company IC Real Tech wants to take things one step further at CES 2015 with the Allie, a new video platform that allows the user to record 720-degree video and watch it in real time on their phones.

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The Allie works by using a dual-lens setup that captures the entire environment horizontally and vertically. It then stitches the recordings into a single feed, and, via a WiFi connection, the owner can tap into the cameras to watch the action as it happens via the Allie app, which will be made available on Android and iOS. Once the video has been accessed, users can interact with it by zooming into the recording, freezing it, or following it all by moving the device itself. The effect reminds us of Microsoft's Photosynth app, but the final result is much more powerful and immediate.

Watch 720-degree videos in real time

IC Real Tech is released the Allie in three form factors: the Allie Pro is aimed at businesses looking for an advanced security solution; the Allie Home is for the average consumer and can be used for fun and security; and the Allie Play is for children and parents looking to monitor their kids' play. All three, and the app to accompany them, will hit stores later this year.

IC Real Tech's Allie Pro, Home, and Play cameras