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This smart lock can secure your travel luggage with NFC

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If keeping a suitcase secured with NFC and a smartphone instead of a key sounds interesting to you, the eGeeTouch smart luggage lock may be worth a look. Being shown off here at CES Unveiled, the lock lets you get at your luggage without a key or combination digit wheel — the ways travelers most often open a suitcase. (That's assuming you lock things down to begin with.) Instead, it uses NFC to know when you're nearby. The company says NFC is a superior solution to Bluetooth since it's proximity-based, faster at connecting, and uses a "negligible" amount of power compared to what you'd get from a Bluetooth-based smart lock.

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To unlock the eGeeTouch, you can use the included NFC key tag, an Android smartphone app, or an NFC sticker for other devices like iPhones that don't let developers tap into NFC. The company claims its proprietary "Intelligent Encryption" technology can generate a unique code from over 100 million possibilities to ensure the lock won't get tricked into opening by another NFC device.It's also TSA compliant, so airport guards can open things up with their standard master key instead of breaking your bag open by force. We're also told the eGeeTouch can endure the elements thanks to a water resistance rating of IP44. The battery can last up to three years on a charge with normal travel usage, according to representatives here at Unveiled, and if it somehow ends up dead when retrieving your luggage, you can plug in a USB power pack to access your stuff even with a depleted battery. Luggage manufacturers will be able to order the eGeeTouch this quarter for between $25 and $30, and the company says consumers will also be able to purchase it for a similar price and attach it to their existing, unsecured suitcase DIY-style. Most people have little reason to ditch the proven lock and key or combo lock, but if you're obsessed with opening everything with your phone, this seems like a pretty okay solution.