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Invoxia’s smart magnet turns your fridge into a speaker you can doodle on

Smart fridges aren’t exactly a new phenomenon at the Consumer Electronics Show, but French company Invoxia is trying something a little different this year. The Triby is essentially a wireless speaker that acts as a smart fridge magnet thanks to its 2.9-inch E Ink display. Invoxia is using the display to allow iOS and Android users to send doodles to the device, make calls to it, and even stream music to the speaker over Bluetooth.

Instead of a typical notification LED, the Triby activates a plastic notification that pops out of the side of the device. It also supports streaming internet radio alongside a dedicated private line that supports HD voice calls through the Triby’s companion app. Invoxia is promising a month’s worth of battery life, with charging via a mini USB connector. If you’re not interested in buying a whole new smart fridge to doodle and play Bluetooth-powered music then you’ll be able to pick up the Triby in the summer for $199 in the US and Europe.

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