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Giroptic's 360 Full HD camera is the first with support from YouTube

Giroptic's 360 Full HD camera is the first with support from YouTube


Video taken with the camera will upload directly to YouTube and Street View, no extras needed

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After raising $1.4 million on Kickstarter for what it calls the world's first 360 degree full HD camera, Giroptic has more news to reveal at CES 2015. The French company tells us that its 360cam will be the first 360 degree camera YouTube will support natively. YouTube, however, tells us it is working on supporting all 360 degree video uploaded to YouTube.

"Ever wanted to get 360 perspectives on a video to see everything going on? That's why we're working to support 360 degree videos in the coming weeks," YouTube said in a statement to The Verge.

Giroptic says Google will also allow users of its camera to upload videos to Street View, allowing users to fully map locations wherever they go. Most companies who offer 360 degree cameras can only display the video in their apps or in specialized video players in the browser, but with YouTube natively supporting 360 degree video natively, the tide is quickly shifting.

Positioned to go after the GoPro, The 360cam is a rugged, waterproof device that can be attached to a number of accessories, and its $499 price is the same as the GoPro Hero4. The 360cam is scheduled for release later this quarter, and the company says YouTube and Street View support will be available when it launches.

Update January 5th, 3:58PM: Added statement from Google regarding YouTube 360 degree video support

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