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DJI's new Inspire One mount turns your drone camera into a super smooth handheld

DJI's new Inspire One mount turns your drone camera into a super smooth handheld


The camera on the world's coolest new drone can now be detached and used on foot

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DJI wowed us recently with their new Inspire One drone. That unit was the first to feature a 4K camera that the Hong Kong startup built in house. Today at CES they announced a new mount for the detachable Inspire camera, giving filmmakers a simple way to combine aerial and handheld photography in a single package.

While it’s best known among mainstream consumers for its Phantom and Inspire drones, DJI is also an established brand in the film industry, where its Ronin is considered one of the best brushless gimbals on the market, used to stabilize the shots like the ones we got in our i8 and skiing videos.

The Inspire One camera mount takes the technology DJI put into its drone gimbal and transfers that to a handheld unit. You can switch between two modes, one that tracks your movement, and one that keeps the camera locked on a certain area of focus. The mount also gives you easy analog controls, while a smartphone acts as your viewfinder.

DJI won’t reveal a retail price yet, but says to expect this device in the second quarter of 2015. Given the hefty price tag on the Inspire, a handheld mount that extends the utility you can get out of its camera might end up being a big plus for filmmakers on a tight budget. All you would need is this drone, mount, and smartphone to shoot 4K footage from any angle.

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