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These Urbanears wireless headphones ditch buttons for taps and swipes

Headphones as fashion. It's an idea that helped Beats build an empire, and other headphone makers have been chasing the company ever since. Urbanears is among them, and here at CES Unveiled it's unveiled a new pair of Plattan ADV Wireless headphones — the first wireless set to come from Urbanears. Bluetooth playback will last around eight hours on a charge and can also remember the last eight devices that have been paired to the headphones for easy continued listening.

These are wireless headphones, so that obviously rules out a wired remote for controlling music. But Urbanears has done away with buttons entirely. Everything here is controlled by taps and swipes, a concept we've seen from JBL and other manufacturers previously. Tap once to play, pause, and answer calls. Swipe up or down to adjust volume, and swipe left or right to skip to the next track or go back to the previous one.

The headphones are collapsible for convenient storage, and the headband is fully removable and machine washable. They'll run for $99.99 when they go on sale this June. Sadly, the CES Unveiled show floor proved too busy with Bluetooth signals for us to give them a try. But again, these things aren't targeted at audiophiles. If customer reviews for the wired model are any indication, you can expect pretty average sound.

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