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The company behind the food-tracking fork now gives you the milk-tracking baby bottle

It's €100

Remember the 10S Fork, formerly known as the Hapifork? The fork that would vibrate when you ate too fast, keeping your bites to a measured single bite per 10 seconds? The company behind it, Slow Control, is back with another CES announcement, and this time it's a smart baby bottle.

Well, smart might be a slight overstatement. The awkwardly named Baby Glgl (as in "glug glug") looks like a basic bottle in a thick plastic sleeve. Using three batteries and an inclinometer, it calculates the weight and angle of your baby bottle. Then, it figures out the optimal degree of inclination to prevent the baby from sipping air bubbles along with its milk — something that can cause gas and colic.

Normally, you might do something like listen for the sound of slurping, or just buy an angled bottle. But if that's not high-tech enough, the Baby Glgl will use a pair of light-up arrows to signal whether the bottle is too low or too high, then give you the all-clear when you've reached equilibrium. Assuming the inclinometer actually does what Slow Control says, it may be the most scientifically precise home baby feeding system in existence.

If it were bundled with some kind of nutrition tracker, health monitor, or even a soothing mobile, the Baby Glgl would get a lot closer to justifying its €100 price tag. As it is, it's even more single-purpose than the 10S Fork. If you must give your baby the gift of tracking tech, though, it's out this fall.

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