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Braven BRV-Pro is the Swiss Army knife of Bluetooth speakers

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This may be the most versatile Bluetooth speaker ever announced. It’s Braven’s BRV-Pro, a tank-like speaker meant for rugged use that can also be customized with a battery pack, a solar charging panel, and a glow deck that converts it into a mini lantern. It also features a plate multiplier allowing you to stack multiple BRV-Pro speakers in order to amplify the music.

Other accessories include a GoPro compatible action mount and Qi Wireless Charging Pad to power all your Qi-compatible devices.

Braven BRV-Pro

The BRV-Pro is said to withstand dust and drops while offering an IPX7 (immersion up to 1 meter) waterproof design. And its 2,220mAh rechargeable battery can "blast HD music in any outdoor environment" for up to 20 hours, with the option of extending it further via the 2,800mAh battery pack or folding solar panel. It’ll even recharge your other portables via onboard USB.

The BRV-PRO will be priced at $149.99 when it ships in Q2 while accessories will range in price from $29.99 to $49.99.

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