Let's get social: follow The Verge at CES 2015

We're here. And we're ready to jam


The first Consumer Electronics Show took place in 1967. A lot has changed over the last the 48 years: We got the internet and mobile phones. Cable television and web video. Tamagotchi and Pokémon. Oh and The Verge launched, too. This will be our fourth CES as an organization, and this year we'll be bigger and beefier than ever. There will be a massive flood of news this week — from gadget demonstrations to company press conferences — and we want to make sure you see it all.

Below you'll find a comprehensive list of every Verge staffer (editors, reporters, video, etc.) here in Vegas, as well as those who are working from the comfort of their homes. And, in case you don't already follow us on the major social networks of our time, we've linked them for your convenience.

Let's get ready to rumble.

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Verge Editorial in Vegas

Nilay Patel

Dieter Bohn

Thomas Ricker

Chris Ziegler

Helen Havlak

Kaitlyn Tiffany

Tom Warren

Vlad Savov

Emily Yoshida

Ben Popper

Casey Newton

Chris Welch

Liz Lopatto

Sam Byford

Bryan Bishop

Kwame Opam

Adi Robertson

Sean O'Kane

Ross Miller

Chris Plante

Micah Singleton

Jake Kastrenakes

Nathan Ingraham

Nitasha Tiku

Verge editorial at home

Josh Lowensohn

Dan Seifert

Andrew Webster

T.C. Sottek

Colin Lecher

Russell Brandom

Josh Dzieza

Leah Christians

Amar Toor

James Vincent

Rich McCormick

William Savona

Arielle Duhaime-Ross

Verge video

Jordan Oplinger

Tom Connors

Ryan Manning

Jimmy Shelton

Weston Reel

Michael Bean

Zenae Zukowski

Philip Robibero

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