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Misfit's new solar-powered fitness tracker is a giant Swarovski crystal

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Yes, fitness trackers are slowly getting more fashionable, but Misfit may have just taken things too far. The company behind the stylish Shine and cheaper Flash tracker is following in the footsteps of Samsung and LG by partnering with Swarovski to sheath its tech in sparkly things. The Swarovski Shine isn't just studded with Swarovski crystals, it is a giant crystal, or at least a giant crystal face integrated with Misfit's motion- and sleep-monitoring sensors, as well as lights that will glow through the face to tell time.

The Swarovski Shine, which can be used with health-tracking apps by Misfit and others, is an extension of the company's versatile approach to wearables. The existing Shine tracker is a varicolored aluminum disc that can be worn on a wristband, pinned to a lapel, hung on a pendant, or slipped into a custom-made sock or t-shirt. Swarovski isn't helping Misfit make a new line of socks (that we know of), but it's designing a variety of accessories, including a crystal-studded pendant, the crystal-studded bracelet seen above, and seven other presumably crystal-studded designs.

Swarovski Shine

It runs on purple

The clear Swarovski Shine runs off a watch battery, just like its less flashy sibling. But a blindingly purple version will supposedly never need external charging at all. It's powered by a solar cell (or, in Misfit's words, an "energy crystal") that keeps it running as long as it's exposed to the sun or indoor LED and halogen lights. It's not the only wearable to offer solar charging: the Nevo watch currently on Indiegogo, for example, includes it as an upgrade. Apple has supposedly been experimenting with solar charging for its far more power-hungry smartwatch, though that technology is likely years away. But the vast majority of smartwatches and fitness trackers either use a traditional watch battery or must be periodically charged.

The Swarovski Shine is, unsurprisingly, priced quite a bit higher than the roughly $100 Shine or $50 Flash. It's being sold in three sets, each of which comes with a tracker and two accessories (like a band or clip); they're priced between $169.99 and $249.99. The accessories also work with existing Misfit trackers; if you think they'd look better with an aluminum disc than a giant piece of glass, you can buy them for between $69.99 and $149.99. Pre-orders are starting now, and the trackers will go on sale in stores this spring.

Swarovski Shine