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These smart power switches let you use Siri to turn on anything in your home

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iDevices' Switch and iHome's SmartPlug are among the first HomeKit products

Back in June, Apple announced plans to let your iPhone start controlling smart home products, and here at CES 2015, we're finally starting to see some products that it can control. iDevices' Switch (seen above) and iHome's SmartPlug are among the first of those, and they're actually meant to give you control over just about anything in your home. Switch and SmartPlug are smart power outlets that lets you turn appliances in your home on and off using Siri — Switch can also be set up to do so on a schedule. If you were to plug a lamp into Switch or SmartPlug, you should be able to set them up to respond to a Siri command like, "Turn off my lamp." And because they work with Apple's HomeKit, you'll be able to use their companion apps to have them be controlled in conjunction with other smart home products, too. (SmartPlug also works with Android, though it'll lose iOS' voice control.)

Create your own Siri-connected lava lamp

Each Switch and SmartPlug can only support a single plug, so you'll need one for just about every single appliance that you want to control. Mercifully, iDevices promises that Switch is small enough that it'll only take up a single spot on a standard two-outlet wall plate, which means you'll be able to fit multiple of them together — or at least get a normal plug in there as well. The SmartPlug appears to be small enough to not have the problem as well.

Switch and SmartPlug can also be controlled when you're outside of the house, so you'll be able to turn off whatever you have plugged into them should you forget before leaving for the day. You don't need to have a smart home hub for that to work either. Switch is going to go on sale sometime during the first half of 2015 for $49.99. SmartPlug is being targeted for a release this spring, but no pricing has been announced yet. You can expect to see a handful of other HomeKit products from Apple's partners coming out around that timeframe.

ihome smartplug

iHome's SmartPlug

Update January 5th, 12:45PM PT: This story has been updated to include iHome's SmartPlug, another HomeKit-connected outlet.