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Samsung's new SUHD TVs bring a ton of color to the screen

Samsung's new SUHD TVs bring a ton of color to the screen

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Ever since we arrived in Las Vegas it's been hard to avoid the movie poster-styled Samsung ads that tease "the most seductive TV of all time. Period." Now we finally found out what all the fuss is about. Samsung has just announced a lineup of curved-display SUHD TVs, all powered by the open-source app platform Tizen.

There will be three different series in the SUHD lineup — the JS9500, JS9000, and JS8500 — with each one offering screen sizes from 48" to 88". We got to see a range of them at an event yesterday, and the colors we saw them displaying were impressive, if oversaturated. The effect is achieved by nano-crystal semiconductors, which optimize the transmission of different colors of light. That leaves the TVs able to express colors on the order of 64 times better than other sets can, according to Samsung. Additionally, inside the sets is a re-mastering engine that allows them to reach a brightness 2.5 times greater than the conventional TVs on the market.

The new SUHD technology comes at a time when competing ones — like OLED — appear to be faltering in the face of 4K entertainment. The ability to reproduce 4K content is a big step, but the biggest is still the problem of delivering that content to consumers. Even with the announcement of Samsung's UHD Alliance — which is supposed to ease this problem by better connecting the companies creating 4K content — it remains to be seen when people can expect to access it easily.

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