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TiVo OnePass tracks down your favorite shows across cable, Netflix, and Hulu

TiVo OnePass tracks down your favorite shows across cable, Netflix, and Hulu

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TiVo's using CES 2015 to announce a pretty useful new feature for the customers it hasn't yet lost. It's been dubbed OnePass, and aims to help TiVo owners binge on whole seasons of TV shows even when episodes are scattered across cable and various streaming services. OnePass will display shows as a cohesive season and automatically play episodes from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Hulu Plus — the big three sources for on-demand streaming.

Everything together in one place

You've got to actually pay for all of those services plus cable for OnePass to work best, since you could easily wind up with gaps in a season without one of them. That might happen regardless, but TiVo's at least trying to make the divided nature of binge viewing a bit more tolerable for its users by tracking shows down automatically. This type of universal search isn't entirely new; Fire TV will look elsewhere for shows not available through Amazon's ecosystem, and the Roku 3 is great at finding things.

OnePass has some other convenient if obvious features included: it remembers the last recording you've watched and bookmarks the following episode for fast access. And TiVo is pushing the point that falling back on streaming services lets you clear space from your DVR for the shows and other content (namely sports) you can't really watch on Netflix or Hulu. TiVo says OnePass will roll to Roamio and TiVo Mini devices beginning in February. It'll also make its way to TiVo's mobile apps for iOS and Android at around the same time.