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Verizon announces it will provide firmware updates for cars over LTE

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Helping to underscore the fact that cars are actually giant gadgets, Verizon today announced that it's teaming up with auto parts manufacturer Visteon to provide OTA updates for cars. The new technology will rely on LTE multicast to allow for the infotainment systems of whole fleets of cars to be upgraded simultaneously.

Updates and even customization over LTE

Cars are computers, and computers need updates. Now, cars on Visteon's Connected Vehicle Hub can receive data swiftly, since Multicast allows carmakers to send data over LTE to their vehicles, all according to make, model, and internal architecture. Updates can even potentially be personalized to owner, allowing for some level of customization. Multicast even allows for broadcast programming to be streamed to cars rear entertainment system. (Obviously not for the driver. That's just crazy talk.)

The news illustrates how cars and the infrastructure supporting them are getting smarter. We're excited to see what other developments come out of CES this year.