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JBL's motion control earbuds take jazz hands to a new level

JBL's motion control earbuds take jazz hands to a new level

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Tapping a touchscreen to change songs is so last year: JBL has just unveiled new earbuds that let you do it with a wave of your hand. The company announced two new products that incorporate the technology — the sporty Reflect Response headphones for $149, and the higher-end Synchros S210BT for $199.95 — which JBL calls "the world's first in-ear Bluetooth headphones with motion sensor control."

"wave-to-control technology"

According to the company, the sensor will let users wave their hands to play or pause songs and even answer calls, taking the term "jazz hands" to a whole new level. JBL hasn't provided much else in the way of detail, however, so it's unclear whether you'll actually want to use the feature. Without knowing what kinds of motions you'll have to make — the company calls it simply "wave-to-control technology" — it's hard to know how big of a fool you'll look while walking down the street and waving at your headphones.

While it has the potential to be cool, thanks to Kinect we all know that motion controls aren't always what they're cracked up to be: we'll hopefully be able to get some hands on time with both products when the CES 2015 show floor opens up later this week in Las Vegas.