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Amazon kills Chris Carter's The After without shooting a single new episode

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X-Files mastermind Chris Carter won't have a new show on Amazon after all: Variety reports that the company has cancelled The After.

The show was part of Amazon Studio's wave of drama pilots last year, and focused on a group of survivors dealing with an apocalyptic event in Los Angeles. It was later picked up for a full season order and was expected to debut sometime in 2015. Not only will that not happen, but according to the report Amazon never even shot a single episode of the show beyond the pilot.

It can't be good when your show is cancelled before you shoot it

After struggling with some of its early original programming, Amazon Studios finally hit paydirt in 2014 with the critically acclaimed (and excellent) Transparent, finally proving it can produce quality original programming like Netflix. That show has already been renewed for a second season, and this past December Amazon also put up the first season of Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman's Mozart in the Jungle.

It's not exactly clear why The After was left behind — though many reviews weren't kind — but it certainly doesn't bode well given that the show had already been ordered. Carter fans aren't totally out of luck, however, as the writer-director is also developing an Area 51 project for AMC.