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This tiny washing machine lets you clean two loads at once

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"One might be tempted to call the LG Twin Wash system disruptive."

Get ready to be excited about a washing machine. At CES 2015 in Las Vegas, LG just unveiled the most exciting clothes washing tech in years: a washing machine that hides underneath your current machine so you can do two loads at once. Appropriately called the Twin Wash System, the new, smaller washer sits under your current machine like big metal drawer, and LG explains that it's "perfect for delicate items that require special attention or unique wash settings."

The new washer is compatible with any front-loading LG washing machine, including older ones, and features built-in Smart Diagnosis tech that LG claims can find technical issues and fix them quickly to avoid bigger headaches down the road. "One might be tempted to call the LG Twin Wash system disruptive, as it's a completely new concept in appliances," Seong-jin Jo, LG's CEO, says. Unfortunately there's no word on when the new washer will be available, or how much it will set you back.

LG twin wash washing machine