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Samsung's CES TV event got pretty weird

Swan Lake meets Tron, in a swimming pool

Last night I attended a Samsung pre-CES event at which the company showed off its new UHD TV lineup. The TVs themselves are screamingly beautiful, as you’d expect. As you might also expect, the event itself was truly bizarre. It simply does not get more CES than a Samsung TV event.

At the equivalent event two years ago, I saw Samsung imprison women in metal dresses that doubled as cocktail and cupcake stands. Last year, an acrobat dangled from the ceiling as she shakily served champagne. And this year? Well, this year Samsung floated some models in a swimming pool, covered them in blue lights, and instructed them to gracefully wave their arms in some sort of twisted Tron-meets-Swan-Lake fantasy.

It's almost as if some hot TVs aren’t enough to grab attention alone.

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