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Panasonic will release Firefox OS TVs later this spring

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It took a year, but Panasonic is finally releasing SmartTVs powered by Firefox OS this spring. Panasonic announced its partnership with Mozilla at CES last year, but the TVs running the OS were conspicuously missing from the show floor. This year, Panasonic made good on its promise by announcing at its keynote that Firefox will run on its Life+ 4K televisions later in the year.

The UI, which Panasonic demoed very briefly onstage, looked smooth and inviting, and will compete directly with the likes of LG's WebOS-based TVs in the crowded SmartTV space. The interface will even allow for media on SD cards and other devices to be accessed on the fly via remote. Panasonic didn't give specifics on pricing, so we'll have to wait a bit to find out more.

Panasonic Firefox

Panasonic Firefox