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Samsung launches ultra-sharp curved monitor and portable SSD drives

Samsung launches ultra-sharp curved monitor and portable SSD drives

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Samsung is the company associated with curved displays, so you'll be seeing a ton of them at CES this year. But its latest (and now top-of-the-line) desktop monitor is one of the best we've seen emerge yet. The 34-inch SE790C Curved Monitor, features a tack sharp resolution of 3440 x 1440 and a 3000R curvature. The difference of seeing the curve is much more dramatic when you're talking about a PC monitor instead of a TV. It's immediately more immersive, and Samsung's latest panel has deep, vivid colors and pretty fantastic viewing angles. It's also being aimed squarely at gamers with a Game Boost feature that adjusts color and contrast depending on the scene. Naturally that kind of thing can always be turned off based on your personal preference. There are built-in speakers, but you'd still be better off with a nice set of desktop monitors if sound is a major priority. You'll have to pay a pretty hefty price for Samsung's new flagship; it'll run $1,199.99 when it launches starting tomorrow (yes, that quickly). Retail availability at Best Buy and other outlets will follow soon.

Samsung's also making it easier to carry around its renowned SSD drives; it's launching a line of portable SSDs that go up to 1TB in capacity. They're pretty tiny, all things considered, and should be no problem to toss in your bag when you need fast performance from your external storage. 250GB is priced at $179.99; 500GB for $299.99, and 1TB of glorious flash for $599.99

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